All you need to know about eviction process in New Jersey

If you are renting a home, there is always the possibility of an eviction. Going through the eviction process in New Jersey is stressful and hard, even with the best tenants. What to expect in the process, what are the laws, how to move, what are the reasons for eviction, etc.

Don’t panic when receiving an eviction notice, find things that you need to know about the eviction process. This way, you will stay organized and calm. Maybe you will feel relocation depression or you will be sad, but understand that many people are going through this process, at least ones.

What to know about the eviction process in New Jersey?

If you are a tenant, what should you know about the eviction process and what are your rights? Housing in New Jersey is not the most affordable, and that is why a lot of people are renting a house. Also, that is why young professionals are moving out of NJ, but still, this state has a lot to offer.

Renters’ rights

What are your rights as a renter and how to deal with the eviction? Luckily, you as a renter, have a lot of rights and also responsibilities. Don’t forget about that too. For instance, the right to privacy, the right to live in a habitable unit, etc. Remember all your rights and ask for what is yours. But, you can use your rights only if you fulfill your responsibilities. That is fair.

Reasons for eviction

When a landlord can visit you – what are some of the main reasons for eviction in New Jersey? Your landlord cannot evict you if he/she does not have a reason, because there is a contract (lease) between you two.

  • You are not paying rent on time, or at all
  • Bounced rent checks
  • Broken terms from the lease such as having pets, damaging the property, etc.

If your landlord evicts you without any proper reason, that is illegal and the law will be on your side. This is why you need to take care of a plate where you live and to pay your rent on time.

An eviction notice.
After receiving a notice for moving out, you should start organizing your relocation to a new home

Types of eviction notices

The first step in this process is to receive an eviction notice. This document is the beginning of the process and there are 5 main types of notices:

  • Pay rent or quit – if you have failed to pay your rent on time, usually the landlord will give you 3 to 5 days to pay rent or you need to move out on short notice. If this is the case with you, organizing a relocation in a short time is stressful and very hard. Hire movers trained for such situations and move fast and easy.
  • Cure or quit – you can’t damage the property, but as we all know accidents can happen. In this case, a landlord will give you a notice and a deadline to fix the problem. a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, it depends. If you cannot fix the problem, you need to move out.
  • Unconditional quit – there is nothing you can do to stay in the house and you need to move out immediately. This eviction process in New Jersey will happen if you have criminal activity, for example, or you did not pay rent for a couple of months.
  • Notice to vacate – if you did not sign a lease or you are signing it every month, you can get 30 pt 60-day notice to vacate and you will have to move in 30 or 60 days, depending on the notice.
  • No-fault eviction – you can be evicted even if you are paying rent on time and you are taking care of the home. This is no fault eviction and it is happening if the home is selling or a landlord wants to live there. In this case, a landlord must give you a notice a couple of months before, so you will have enough time to pack and to find a new place.

What if you don’t move out?

After receiving an eviction notice, you will have a deadline to leave the house or apartment. But, what if you don’t move, what will happen then? If you think it is an illegal eviction, gather all the documents and collect proves. If you are still required to leave a place in NJ where you live, you must leave. Or a local authority from NJ will come by your residence and give you notice and you have a couple of days to leave.

Hiring a moving company when having eviction moving

Eviction moving is more stressful than a regular moving. You need to find a new home fast and to pack all your items. But, that is not it – if you are in that home for a longer period of time, you are probably emotionally attached. With all those tasks to finish before moving, you will need help with the eviction process in New Jersey. Consider calling the crew from Bluebell Relocation Services NJ because they know how to pack fast and to move items safely.

For rent sign.
Start looking for a new home for rent and leave all the heavy work to movers

Renting a storage unit during the eviction process in New Jersey

Unfortunately, most people, in this case, don’t have months to prepare for moving. If you have a couple of days to leave, it is almost impossible to find a new apartment that fast. You can stay in a hotel or ask a friend, but where will you put all your items while searching for a new home in NJ? Simple, rent storage where you can put away your belongings and you will know they are safe.

A girl is packing during the eviction process in New Jersey.
Keep your items safe during the eviction process in New Jersey

This step is essential when you don’t have time to plan and organize a move. Preparing a short notice relocation in NJ will be stressful, but at least your items will be all in the same place, stored safely, and locked.

The eviction process in New Jersey will be stressful but don’t panic, especially if you are sure that it is not your fault. Housing in NJ maybe is not the best in the country, but you should not have trouble finding a new home fast. Look at this as an opportunity to start a new life somewhere else.

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