6 reasons to consider moving to Rockville, MD

Are you considering moving to a new city? Choosing the right location is one of the most important things to do. Everything else will depend on it. If you are thinking about moving to Rockville soon, you should first have the list of all the pros of living in this city in Maryland. What does Rockville have to offer to its residents and what is the lifestyle there? Before you pick this city, explore it.

Reasons for moving to Rockville

Rockville is a small town in Maryland (located in Montgomery County) with a population of around 75,000. The nearest big city is Washinton D.C. More and more people are moving to Rockville and areas near. There are moving apps that can help you move, on the other hand, there are some facts to know about Rockville before you start a new life there. But, what are the main reasons for people to move there for good?

A key in a door after moving to Rockville
A lot of families with kids and young professionals live here.

#1 Strong economy

Economic growth is huge in the past few decades. It is one of the main reasons for moving to Rockville. A lot of startups choose Rockville. If you are considering moving your business here, it may be a good business plan. The government is open to startups and they give some benefits. This area is home to 370 bioscience companies.  Montgomery County, where Rockville is located, is one of the wealthiest counties in the USA.

#2 Job opportunities

The unemployment rate is low (currently is 3.3%), which is a good sign if you are looking for a job. In the past few years, a lot of people (young professionals) moved to Rockville because of job opportunities. Besides that, Rockville is in the top 10 cities to work in based on positive reviews by employees in various companies. The income per capita is around $50k.

#3 Great public transportation system

Commuting is important because you will do this every day. Luckily, public transportation is accessible and reliable in Rockville. Also, you won’t have a problem going to DC or Baltimore with public transportation. Also, it is very affordable to get around the city with public transport (buses and train lines). If you enjoy riding a bike, for example, there are safe bike paths as well and you can rent a bike.

When it comes to transportation of your household possessions to Rockville, get more info on helixmove.com and organize a relocation on time.

#4 Outdoor recreation activities

In Rockville, there is no shortage of fun activities to try. Here, you cannot be bored. Locals and tourists enjoy a wide variety of events and nature as well. More than 1,000 acres of parkland are more than enough residents and tourists to enjoy and relax.

A woman opening a champagne
You can ride a bike, hike, or have fun with your friends and explore amazing places.

#5 Low crime rate

A lot of families with kids are moving to Rockville because it is a very safe place. Overall crime rates are very low and people can raise their kids here freely. Also, the schools are great, which is another reason why families with kids are moving to Rockville.

#6 Culture and history

If you enjoy theatrical and musical performances, you will often visit The F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre, for example. Museums, theatres, galleries, and almost every street has a story to tell. The city was established back in 1717 and because of that, its history is rich and interesting.

How to move to Rockville?

After deciding to move to Rockville, MD, and choosing a new home for you, it is time to organize a relocation. To move in with ease, expert help is available are always by your side and what is also important, local movers from Rockville have a lot of experience. Research local companies and compare different ones. Compare their services and prices (set a moving budget and know how much you can spend on your relocation). Don’t hire a company without a license and insurance. Only pick a reliable and reputable mover. 

  • Read online moving reviews from past clients
  • Ask for an in-home moving estimate
  • Verify the company’s address

Another option is to move by yourself, without a professional mover’s assistance. This way, the relocation may cost you less (not always), but it will take more time and energy.

Transport all your household items to a new home in Rockville safely, fast, and efficiently. Consider all types of relocation and decide which one works the best for your needs. No matter if you will choose a DIY move or a move with professional help – you should start to prepare in advance.

Moving boxes and supplies
Don’t waste your time because there are a lot of tasks to do before and after the move as well.

A few more fun facts about Rockville

Rockville has more than 6 advantages to offer. Explore some fun facts about this relocation and you will adjust faster. Make a list of all the places you would like to visit and things to try. First, unpack after moving and then enjoy life in a new city. What awaits you in this lovely town?

  • Great dining and a lot of restaurants with different and delicious food
  • Rockville has a lot of parks
  • Public schools are highly-rated, if you are moving to Rockville with kids, education is key
  • Fun activities for families, seniors, and singles too
  • Housing is more affordable than in the cities nearby
  • It has safe neighborhoods

What is there not to like? If you ever get tired of this town, know that Washington D.C. and Baltimore MD are nearby to refresh your perspective.

You’re all ready!

To adjust faster after moving to Rockville, meet your new neighbors, and invite them to a party to introduce yourself. Find your new favorite spot in the city. Enjoy the time with your family and relax after the exhausting move. Say yes to new things and try something different, now when you have an opportunity. Settle in slowly and savor your new life in your new home and neighborhood.

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