5 things to know about Westchester houses

You’re moving and looking for a fresh start. Good for you! You have decided that NYC is simply not for you, and you want to move to the suburbs. Another scenario is that you’re looking for something affordable as living in a big urban area is expensive, or you just need a change. Whatever the reason, we recommend considering Westchester houses when looking for a new home.

Where is Westchester?

Westchester stands for one of the most beautiful counties in this particular state. Surrounded by the Hudson River, one of the most impressive sights in the county, Westchester is a perfect choice as you’re about to find out. Besides, NYC is less than an hour of drive if your worspace is there. Moreover, you can enjoy a trouble-free DYI move, isn’t that perfect?

We’re happy to tell you more about:

  • a broad variety of Westchester homes
  • great location of Westchester houses
  • how easy it is to move there
  • the importance of hiring professional movers
  • more about luxurious houses on the Westchester market
  • what buying a house in Westchester implies.

Stay with us until the end and you’ll start packing your suitcases soon.

Modern room with a unique black and white design in one of Westchester houses.
Choosing a luxury house in Westchester is not a problem

A wide variety of Westchester houses

Westchester offers a wide scope of housing stock in terms of:

  • type of the house
  • style of the house
  • purchase price
  • location of the house
  • age of the house

No matter the age, needs, or preferences, everyone can find something here. First question is, of course, buying or renting.? Looking for a single-family home? Done. Looking for a condo? Go ahead and pick the one. There is no such thing that Westchester can’t offer. If you want to spend a fortune on a posh house full of amenities, so be it; if not, there is a lot of affordable homes here too, and not bad-looking either.

Interestingly enough, you can’t spend that much on a luxury house here as you would normally in New York City. And what about the location? You’d like a waterfront, a secluded place in a forest where you can find tranquility and inspiration, or just a regular place to live? The good things about Westchester are that

  • You can get a good night’s rest in a new home as traffic noise levels are low.
  • You don’t have to be well-off to find quality housing.
  • Westchester houses are at the epicenter of culture.

Each year more houses are being built, and the market is growing, but still, the people of Westchester care for their tradition. Because of this, there are houses approximately three hundred years old; nevertheless, in  excellent shape.

White interior with a pool and beige leather sofa in one of Westchester houses.
If you have deep pockets, Westchester has plenty to offer

Westchester houses are a stone’s throw from Manhattan

This is great for not one, not two but a couple of reasons. First, as we stated earlier, living in this area is ideal because moving will be much easier. In case you forgot something, you can go back, no trouble at all. On the other hand, moving during a peak season is not recomended, so do your best to avoid it. Second, going to work or driving children to school is easily doable. Third, you’re close to your friends and family so that you can pay a visit to them practically at any moment. Last, for those who are not from this area, it is a great opportunity to get to know it better. 

How do you want to move?

With regards to what we said at the end of the previous section (people who don’t live near Westchester or in the NY state for that matter), we recommend careful thinking about the move. The whole process needs to be thoroughly planned so that you encounter as few difficulties as possible. Choose on time whether to go for a DYI move or hire movers and prepare for either outcome.

Why hire professional movers at the first place?

Even the title suggests it – they are professionals. Their moving and storage services will ensure that your belongings don’t get damaged and are kept safe during the relocation. As professionals, their performance will be much better than yours or anyone else’s. When the day comes, you will get all the assistance you need and regret not having it if you burden yourself only. You’ll get to have time for other things as well, such as saying goodbye to your neighbors.  You will be spared of stress and thus preserve peace of mind. So why don’t you look for a respectable moving company in Westchester and ease your troubles when you’ve got nothing to lose?

Two movers sitting in a truck, smiling
For a faster, easier and stress-free relocation to Westchester, hire movers

Westchester has the most luxurious houses on the market

Exteriors of these houses are crowned with an outdoor kitchen, pool (might go with a spa), a tennis court, or all at once. When it comes to the interior, relocation experts from Movers Downtown noticed various rooms, some of which are not part of a usual design. There is a library for bookworms, a game room for kids, and a gym for those who care to stay fit. Not to mention amenities, houses are loaded with them. For those who’d like and can afford to live in such abundance, this will be the ultimate destination for a new home. If you decide to rent a home for a more passive kind of income, you’ll be in a for a treat.

Buying a house in Westchester guarantee a secure and promising future

Not only are we talking about the outstanding beauty of Westchester houses and their surrounding, but also of the benefits that living in this area carries. For instance, Scarsdale has the best school district, meaning you can confide that your children will get a good education and be successful one day, the dream of every parent. Westchester is also known for its rapid development. It counts several prestigious firms and offers good job prospects. Some cities found on the list of the richest places in the US are situated in this very county.

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