4 Things to Consider When Planning a DIY move

Are you planning a big upcoming move? Looking to save some money whilst it’s happening? Then the best alternative for you would be to do it yourself. Luckily a DIY move is easier than it seems and can be an enjoyable experience for you and the family. Hiring a professional moving company is a nice idea, it can save you time and energy but unfortunately, it won’t save you any money. With the cost and stress that sometimes goes into big moves, it often seems impossible to organize on your own. There are, however, a few simple steps anyone can follow to plan their own moving experience.

Plan early, Be prepared!

Making sure you are ready to go on moving day is essential when moving homes. Creating a detailed schedule for you or your family to follow is a nice thing anyone can do in the early stages of the move. By creating a timeline from when you can start packing to when everything needs to be finished, you can be sure you are organized. The end date is an important thing to note. Giving yourself some time is also important, a move doesn’t happen overnight!

It is also important to consider your overall budget at this time, you may have some leftover money that could be used to make the move easier and less stressful. Some companies offer complete packaging services, that may be able to speed up your DIY move. By planning and budgeting in the early stages, you will free a lot of time for yourself later in the move. Making the process less of a hassle.

Use correct supplies

A big part of moving is the actual supplies you use to pack your precious items away. Now, these items might be traveling a short or a very long distance, so it is important to make sure they are stored securely and as safely as possible. There are many different types of moving boxes, heavy-duty boxes should be used in your DIY move. They should have thick and sturdy walls, that won’t flex and bend during the move. Other equipment will also be needed. You should invest some money into good waterproof markers and some tape. Having the correct markers will improve your organization as you can label anything and everything you

A person sticking a box with tape
Getting the correct boxes is important!

Pack essentials

One of the hardest parts about a DIY move is deciding what can stay, and what has to go. This is a hard process for many people but it an essential step in staying organized. Go through your wardrobe and throw away (or better donate) those old clothes! Get rid of those old gadgets or appliances that don’t work. It can be hard for people to part with their things, but by doing this you will be a lot more organized. You will also have more space in your car which will save both time and money.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Moving is a big task and no one expects you to do it on your own! Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or family for a helping hand, it’s the more the merrier when it comes to moving boxes. If you have some money in your budget or are looking for some professional assistance this is also something to consider. Professional movers can work with you on your DIY move, to get things where they need to go.

A man smiling with a child on his shoulders
Planning your own move can be fun

Organizing a DIY move is something anyone can do. Following these simple steps will keep you on track, giving you some of the tools to make your move a reality.

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