4 convincing reasons to expand your LA-based company to Denver

Are you thinking of expanding your company away from LA? Well, what if we told you Denver should be your next target location? It might sound crazy at first, but hear us out. Colorado is one of the best states you can consider for your business. From aerospace and biotech to renewable energy and the newest information technology, Colorado draws and keeps some of the finest and brightest businesses in the country. Colorado, and, more specifically, Denver, have contributed to scientific discoveries and technological innovations that have changed lives all across the world. Want to know more? Continue to find out all the reasons why you should expand your LA-based company to Denver!

Expanding Your Business

Expanding your business might seem scary. You’re already doing so well, why should you take a risk and expand your company? Well, the answer is simple: it pays off. Expansion and growth are essential to boost earnings and attract new clients.

An expansion could entail adding additional actual sites or providing more goods or services. To ensure that you aren’t dependent on the sale of a single primary item or service, for instance, you could wish to diversify your revenue sources. However, if you’ve perfected your product or service, then you need to consider geographical expansion. Expanding your business to another state offers you new opportunities to make more money and reach new audiences.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you will have to actually move from California to Colorado in order to expand your business. While it is a possibility, you can also find ways to pull this off remotely.

Denver street at night.
Denver is a beautiful city, but it’s also much more than that which makes it a perfect spot for your company expansion.

Why expand your LA-based company to Denver?

Denver is a beautiful, vibrant city. You might’ve not known this but Denver is considered one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US. However, this alone isn’t one of the reasons why you should expand your LA-based company to Denver.

So, what benefits come with conducting business in Denver? In the past, Denver was regarded as a fantastic entry point to the Rocky Mountains, where travelers would fly in to explore. More businesses are moving to Denver in recent years, which has helped the city grow as a commercial site. To answer why this is, we’ll look at some major benefits of doing business in Denver:

#1 Central Location

Denver is basically in the center of the US. And, if you want to expand and grow your business, a central or well-connected location is necessary. For starters, it plays a huge role in cargo transportation routes which are important if you plan on selling your products online. The Denver airport alone has flights to every other state in the US, which can be a great bonus.

Furthermore, Denver’s strategic position makes conducting business much easier for businesses that plan to operate in other states or foreign markets. In contrast to offices on either coast, the Mountain Time Zone enables same-day contact with both Western Europe and East Asia during regular business hours. This may result in significant efficiency benefits and quicker communication.

If you do decide to take advantage of the time zone and move to Denver, you don’t have to do it by yourself. Instead of DIY-ing the whole process, you can reach out to experts to help you out. It’s not only more efficient but also way less stressful.

Woman talking on the phone that makes you think about some of the reasons why you should expand your LA-based company to Denver.
When you expand your LA-based company to Denver, you can stay in constant contact with foreign associates without having to make calls after hours.

#2 Diverse Economy

Denver’s diversified economy has been essential in drawing businesses and workers to the area. The city was formerly a center for agriculture and was previously recognized for its oil and gas industry. However, Denver has learned from its past mistakes and is not entirely concentrated on one industry. 

The state, city, and county governments of Denver made the conscious decision to diversify following significant swings in those sectors in the 1980s. Denver has expanded as a hub for aerospace, life science, and technology as a result, making it very alluring to start-ups. As a result, Denver’s mix of multinational corporations working in these many areas is drawing top-tier personnel with a variety of skill sets.

#3 The Cost

While expanding to Denver might seem like a big financial risk, it actually makes a lot of sense. Colorado has a significantly lower cost of living, more accessible infrastructure, and favorable tax laws that are particularly alluring. The cost of living is considerably lower than the norm in California, yet greater than the national average. This makes it a perfect spot for expansion.

If your expansion includes opening up a second office in Denver, you probably won’t have to worry about high rent costs, as you do in LA. However, experts at Mod Movers Monterey CA still suggest you start searching for an office at least a few months before you’re set to open a second location. This is due to the fact the process of finding the perfect spot might take longer than you’d like. Also, you might need to account for the moving and the time it takes you to set everything up!

#4 The Workforce

As we said, Denver is one of the top talent-attracting cities as a result of the diverse portfolio of growing industries. The talent base in Denver is driven, knowledgeable, and equipped to address the world’s most pressing issues. Its workforce routinely ranks at the top in the whole US, and it’s only continuing to grow. 

Colorado is home to some of the possible best universities in the whole country. If your company needs young, fresh talent, Denver is the place to find them! While it might not be the final selling point, it’s definitely a great bonus and an extra reason to move to another state and expand your company.

Group of people holding hands.
When you’re looking for young, diverse, well-educated talent – look no further than Denver.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this article helpful and realized why you should expand your LA-based company to Denver. All things considered, Denver is a truly great city filled with talented people and countless opportunities for growth and development. Of course, we understand that expanding your business is a big deal. It’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. That’s why you need to carefully consider every option before making up your mind. 


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