​Reasons to move to Montana with your family

You have been living with your family in the same place for a long time, and you are getting tired of it. The need for a new and exciting place to live is making research many new towns and even states to relocate with your family. To help you make a choice, we are here with reasons to move to Montana with your family.

Why should you move to Montana with your family?

Here are a few hints:

  • Move to Montana with your family because there are many great cities to live in

  • Montana has exceptional higher education

  • Relocate to Montana with your family if you love spending time outside

  • There is little traffic in Montana

  • Move to Montana with your family because of the low property tax

  • Montana has a rich history

  • The people are friendly

​Move to Montana with your family is because there are many great cities to live in

Montana is the fourth largest state in America, and it has a population of about a million. Seeing that the state is quite big and the population small busiest places in Montana are the cities. Here are some cities in Montana you should consider moving to:

  • Bozeman
  • Helena
  • Billings


Bozeman is located in southwest Montana, it’s the fourth largest city in Montana. Montana State is located in Bozeman, making it great for your kids when they get ready for university. There are a lot of job opportunities since there are a lot of companies in Bozeman. Companies that make lasers, biotech companies, and software companies.


Helena is the capital of Montana. It was established during the Montana gold rush. Wealth was gained during the gold rush so the citizens could make beautiful houses in Victorian-style architecture. Today most of its economy is center around the amazing education facilitates Helena Collage, and the privately own Carroll Collage.


Billings is the most populated city in Montana. It’s located in the south-central part of the state. Because of its great location, it made it easy for Billings to become an economic center of the state. You will not struggle to get a job in Billings, making it a great city to move to with your family.

We hope that these three cities will get you excited about Montana as your new home. Remember that to reach your new home hassle-free you need a good interstate moving company that will make your move a picnic.

a man looking over a city
Billings, Montana a great city to move with your family

​Montana has exceptional higher education.

Education is a crucial part of everybody’s life, if you relocate to “The Treasure State” you can be certain that your children will be getting an excellent education. Montana’s University System was established in 1994, and it has 16 campuses under its wing. The most prominent ones are the University of Montana in Missoula and Montana State University in Bozeman.

There are also four private colleges in Montana. The most notable ones are the catholic college Carroll College in Helena and Rocky Mountain College in Billings. There are many options to choose from. You can have your pick of the litter and don’t let some landlord not signing the contract stop you from having the best.

Montana University a reason to move to Montana with your family
Good education means a good life

​Relocate to Montana with your family if you like spending time outside

Like spending time outside, then you better get to moving fast, pack up your essentials, because Montana is the mother lode for active families.

To get some exercise and spend time with your loved ones, we recommend hiking. There are many places in Montana to hike. You and your family will never get bored of them. Go and explore hiking trails in Glacier National Park, Flathead National Forest, and many more.

When the winter months arrive, Montana gets pretty chilly, but the snow also brings winter activities. Montana isn’t densely populated, making it great for any winter sport.

In Montana, there are also options for water sports. You can go rafting, canoeing, kayaking, or sail across Flathead Lake. But if the beforementioned activities are too scary for you, grab a fishing rod and go fishing.

These are some of the outdoor activities in Montana if you move there, you will get to explore all of them.

​There is little traffic in Montana.

Oh, traffic jams, how we all hate them. Sitting in the sun in your hot car while going to work can make a man angry. You can say goodbye to traffic in Montana. Montana is a big state, but it’s not very populated. That means that there are not a lot of people on the roads. With little traffic, you will have more time for yourself and your family. A move to Montana will be fast with no traffic. To help you, find the right movers for your needs.

​Move to Montana with your family because of the low property tax

It’s a good idea to move to Montana with your family because it has a low property tax. Property tax is a tax paid by an individual on every piece of property that he owns. Montana’s property tax rate is lower than the national average. The national average sits at 1,07%, while Montana’s sits at 0.83 %, making Montana great for homebuyers.

​Montana has a rich history

The first people to settle in Montana were Native Americans in the 17th century. In 1803 Montana was acquired by the United States through the Louisiana Purchase. In the 1860s began the gold rush. Miners and settlers looked for gold on the Montana Trail. Montana finally became a state in 1889, with Helena as the capital.

a group of people
Community is important for a happy life

​The people are friendly

Montana is a stunning state. It has an excellent education system, wonderful nature, and wildlife. You will never be bored there, but the main reason why you should move to Montana with your family is because of the people. Montana has a small population, therefore, Montanans are very friendly. You will quickly find friends and build a sense of community in Montana.

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